Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

Good Clean Fundraising provides a profitable and highly effective fundraising method etc., for Faculties, Youth Groups, Teams and Running Companies, Churches, non-profits We offer Highquality fabric softeners and water washing soaps produced in the united states here by a large detergent manufacturer. The laundry soap comes in 5-gallon buckets for around $45 which comes to around 7 dollars per ounce when many consumers are spending 13-15 dollars per oz at the supermarket. One of many companies promoting soap for fundraising is Great Clear Fundraiser (or 800-680-3775). I will check for different companies doing this (if you'll find some other businesses) and post an update for folks who want to pursue this as being a fundraising option. Update March 3, 2015: A commenter has observed Tide (powdered, not liquid) in five-gallon buckets imported from Vietnam being bought in Houston.

Here it's 6 months later and I may merely find one-half-way good test at selling Wave in five-quart orange(!) containers and I guess they're off of Facebook in just a morning with this being published. I standby my claim that Tide in five- containers isn't a G&GARY product and is consequently counterfeit. Hold is way to wealthy for my body anyways and I discover Sort & Supply means more straightforward to clean with anyways. Private, yes, you ought to assume that any detergent bought in five-gallon buckets is phony Wave (with the exemption of the industrial variation with a commercial name).

Thanks for your response Bruce but I'll continue to get Wave from your retailer and I am type of scared to use it now-so I will most likely resale it! If Food Maxx is marketing powder soap, maybe it's true Wave imported from Vietnam (view earlier comments) or other overseas areas. All the detergents bought for fundraising result from us Detergent fundraiser besides everyone declaring they are giving Hold Soaps. I understand your list several fundraiser marketers in your website, we're those products' manufacture. It truly is probably actual Tide imported from Vietnam (notice the CHUYÊN DUNG at the center of the tag).